Albershausen, BW

Berlin Wall Albershausen, Germany

Location: private property, NEW Wets Berlin Depot

18 segments

On Joe Schönmoser’s property in Albershausen, Baden-Württemberg (Goeppingen district), there are 19 wall segments, all colourfully painted by artists. Schönmoser is a collector with an affinity for art and acquired the segments in 2016 through a contact with Patrice Lux. Some of the segments were previously shown at official exhibitions in Berlin. Today, the collection belongs to the Neu West Berlin Depot, an art and educational house for various events.

Schönmoser was 17 years old when the Wall fell. At the time, he was attending a boarding school alongside many young people from the new federal states who suddenly enrolled after the fall of the Wall. “I am fascinated by the diversity the Wall later on triggered. It became a place for artists to express themselves, a display for all kinds of opinions. It is art and history at the same time.” It is not hard to make out the traces on some of the segments Mauerspechte left behind with hammer and chisel at that time.

Photo above and background:
© Neu West Berlin Depot

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