What’s on people’s mind, when they face a piece of the Berlin Wall somewhere in the world


New York City, UN HQ: “Maybe one of the most impressive pieces in the large collection of the UN. An original piece of the ancient Berlin wall has been offered to the UN by Germany.” (@sekke.gent)

Suwanee, Georgia: “I may never make it to #Berlin to see the historic place where the wall once stood, but I’m grateful to the @cityofsuwanee and @friendsamericangrill for putting this on display. It’s a great reminder of the struggles we’ve overcome, the 136 lives lost trying to traverse the wall, and the physical divide which lead to so much animosity to strife during the #ColdWar” (@evrydythoughts)

Kentuck Knob, Pennsylvania:Never thought i would be caught up by a piece of concrete. One side has so many emotions the other side is completely blank.” (@chuckpeace)

Washington D.C. (Newseum): “The world is too small for walls • Showing Oliver the Berlin Wall was powerful. He may not remember this exact moment but, I promise that I will raise him to understand the importance of world history and how to learn from the past.” (@kelsarita)

Washington, D.C. (USDC): “A piece of the #BerlinWall is on display at the @StateDept @DiplomacyCenter. A reminder that peace, freedom & prosperity in Europe were not a given just a few decades ago. We should never lose sight of what the transatlantic alliance & European integration have accomplished.” (@caudronmartin)

Canberra, Australia: “An amazing piece of history – part of the Berlin Wall in Canberra! We need to aspire and live as the inscription reads: “This section of the Berlin Wall reminds us that no man-made barrier can repress the spirit of freedom. May we all unite to live in harmony, ensuring peace for further generations” (@mindfulmomentsmelbourne)

Portland, Maine: “It’s breathtaking to see a piece of the Berlin Wall all the way in Portland” (@ledzepfloyd)

Durham, North Carolina: “It is so inspiring to have a piece of history here in the office with us!” (@moteeapp)

Los Angeles, California (Wilshire Blvd): “Touched a piece of history today.” (@cthulhudrew)

Los Angeles, California (LMU): “Wow, a piece of the Berlin Wall was gifted to @loyolamarymount , and on our exploration yesterday, we got to see it!” (@exeaex)

Waterford, Ireland: “It is definitely something you should go and see if you are ever in Lismore, very cool to see a part of German history in Ireland“(@the-fashion.diet)

Cincinatti, Ohio: “(..) stop and enjoy this giant piece of the #BerlinWall – consider what #freedom means to you and how you intend to work for it every day” (@inclusionchick)

Montréal, Canada: “The Berlin Wall makes me think about how building barriers between people tends to create more problems than it solves.”  (@artofjammin)

Ramstein, Germany: “Though this is only 3 small pieces of the Berlin Wall, away from the grounds that which they once stood, I am amazed by the story they tell.” (@uhleksis_8511)

Dallas, Texas: “How cool is this piece of art? Be kind, don’t judge, and have respect for others. If we can all do this, the world would be a better place. The point is to teach this to the next generation.” (@dallastexasphotography)

Reykjavik, Island: “An incredible bit of history!” (@cheekychinchilla)

Brussels, Belgium: “Remains of the Berlin wall are scattered across the world. So we may never forget the tragedy, but always celebrate its downfall and resulting unity.” (@the_extra_travelista)

Brüssel, Belgium: “Outside of the entrance to the Hemicycle at the European Parliament, stands a piece of the Berlin Wall, as a reminder to honour the victims of The Wall, and to live in peace and freedom for the future.” (@asipofmoriartea)

Tirana, Albania: “Safe to say I have officially touched part of the Berlin Wall… the only catch is that I touched it here in Albania rather than Berlin but those details are not important” (@jasmineinjuly)

Eureka Springs, Arkansas: “Saw a large chunk of the Berlin Wall in Eureka Springs, AR this week – it sits in the yard of this little church. Really cool piece of history!” (@nateseyeview)

Seoul, Republic of South Korea: “Often, living in South, it is easy to forget that this is just half of the reality. Something that was supposed to be so temporary became so permanent. Hope to see peaceful reunification having humanity as priority soon, to unite those families. Let us have DMZ as just a memory of painful past such as Berlin wall.” (@kkomapin)

Memphis, Tennessee: “What an incredible piece of history. This is a piece of the Berlin Wall at the Memphis Zoo. Bucket list.” (@adamthrasher)

Rizzi segment, KarlsruheI can still remember how my parents and I traveled with a white VW bus in September 1988 from the GDR via Hungary and Austria to Bavaria. With the certainty of never again seeing my family left in the GDR. Anyone would have dreamed at that time, that the wall came down only one year later and Germany gets reunited. Shortly thereafter, I could hug my grandparents and they brought me to the Berlin Wall where I stole a few pieces of the Wall which were left by the Wall Pickers. I still have it today … 29 years later. The Wall is in my eyes a symbol of farewell, memories and restart…(@ivi_on_the_fly)