The Project

The Wall Net collects and follows the tracks of the Berlin Wall around the world. Deconstructed in segments, each 3.6 m high, 1.2 m wide, 2.7 t in weight …

In times of the confrontation of political systems the Berlin Wall was the manifestation of a totalitarian regime on the one hand and the worldwide symbol of the Cold War on the other. Two blocs had been facing each other, armed to the teeth. Europe became an atomic powder keg.

End of the symbol

On November 9, 1989 the inhuman task of the Anti-Fascist Protection Wall ended, but not the strong symbolism of this ideological bulwark: Fueled by the political and social changes, a real hype about this symbol began. Ordinary citizens became “Mauerspechte”. Meanwhile, the GDR regime worked on a profitable sellout of the border installations.
The abrupt end of a formative era, the temporary vacuity of the meaning of the structure, the tragic fates, and a provoked art market, that referred mostly to the illegal applied works on the west side of the Wall – 1989 a lot accumulated.

Reloading the symbol

Today, decades later the Berlin Wall symbolizes a multitude of aspects of a common past. The remains are as well a Cold War trophy (Langley, Virginia) as they are a contemplative artifact (Kentuck Knob, Pennsylvania), a symbol for the embarking on a common future (Brussels, Belgium), part of an art installation (Lille, France) and above all and always a political statement (Biala Podlaska, Poland) – a symbol for reconciliation, peace, human rights and justice (United Nations, NYC).

Supporters wanted

The Wall Net is ranging between historical science and contemporary art. The Wall Net is a passionate project based on a private initiative, but it also needs the support of third parties.

You want to get involved financially in a more fundamental way? Send us an email, to find out a suitable way.

The Berlin Wall is not an ordinary memorial. New sites still will be inaugurated. Countless segments are yet undiscovered. Others change the owner, the location, get new meanings… Tracing, researching, documenting and accompanying are solely financed by private means so far. In addition, exhibitions and lectures are planned. Therefore  donations are very welcome. The Wall Net is a non-profit organization, donation receipts can be issued.

Despite systematic research and correspondence, many findings are left to chance. Share your information, news, currently unknown facts or upload your photo(s)….

You can leave additional information and comments at the bottom of each site description. (Comments will be moderated before appearing online.)


Bundesarchiv. Bild 183-1990-0201-013; Foto: Mittelstädt, Rainer; 1. Februar 1990