San Bernardino, CA – Reagan Park

Berlin Wall in San Bernardino

Location: Ronald Reagan Park

1 segment


Central monument supplemented with further objects: In spring 2011, a Wall segment was erected in the Ronald Reagan Park in San Bernardino. The idea for the park and its implementation came from a local nonprofit organization, the Friends of the Reagan Park.

They have purchased the Wall segment on an auction for USD 2,500 in the previous year. The transport from Germany to California cost about twice as much.

In the Reagan Park, the Wall Monument is expected to present teachable moments for generations to come and to remind of the years Communism stole from families and friends who could not reach each other.

The dedication ceremony was documented by an amateur video:


Photo above and background:
Still from YouTube-Video

One thought on “San Bernardino, CA – Reagan Park

  1. i m going to go touch up the paint work, its peeling off,,, very rude to see the wall that the mighty REAGAN tore down not kept perfect… thats ok, i do it. i placed a bandana flag on the wall .2 mths. ago, lets see if its still there.

    sincerely,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,anthony c,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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