Culver City, CA

Berlin Wall in Los Angeles

Location: The Wende Museum

1 segment


The Wende Museum is both a museum and an educational institution dedicated to the Cold War, the division of Germany, everyday liofe and politics. The museum provides more than 100,000 objects.

Justinian Jumpal, Director of The Wende Museum, explains the idea of the museum:

The segment in front of the entrance was painted by Thierry Noir.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, The Wende Museum set up the largest stretch of the Berlin Wall outside Berlin on the Wilshire Boulevard and staged an impressive event: The Wall Project 2009.


In 2018 The Wende Museum and its Berlin Wall segment found a new home at the historic former National Guard Armory Building on Culver Blvd.

Photo above and background:
Still from YouTube Clip

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