Warsaw, PL

Location: Museum of John Paul II and Primate Wyszynski 1 segment A segment of the Berlin Wall has stood in the museum of John Paul II and Primate Wyszynski in Warsaw since May 2020, where it is intended to commemorate the Polish Pope’s contribution to peaceful change in Europe and the world at the end […]

Oldenburg, NI

Location: Senfmühle Oldenburg2 segments Since 2020, two segments of the Berlin Wall have stood as a symbol of freedom of travel at the Oldenburg Senfmühle. They were set up by the travel entrepreneur Hans Höffmann, who had previously acquired and extensively renovated the mill. The mill, which is visible from afar, is the company’s headquarters […]

Tavaux, F

Berlin Wall in Tavaux

Location: Rond-point des Droits de l’Homme1 segment Expression of 30 years of city twinning: In 2022 – with a 1-year delay due to Corona – a segment of the Berlin Wall was set up in the municipality of Tavaux in the French Jura and unveiled in the presence of a delegation from the municipality of […]

Gournay-en-Bray, F

Berlin Wall in Gournay en Bray

Location: Av. de l’Europe/company site3 segments In 2011, these three segments were set up on the grounds of the Sika company, a supplier to the construction and automotive industries, northwest of Paris. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the segments were initially placed on the grounds of the Ciments Francais, a concrete plant, near […]

Dortmund, NW

Berlin Wall in Dortmund

Location: Lensing Media, Westenhellweg 2 segments To mark its 150th anniversary, the publishing house Lensing Media (Ruhr Nachrichten) set up two segments of the Berlin Wall have on its premises on Dortmund’s Westenhellweg in September 2020. “We want to enable our visitors and employees to walk past these open pieces of the Wall and reflect […]

Flagstaff, AZ

Berlin Wall in Flagstaff, Arizona

Location: Nothern Arizona University/Martin-Springer Institute fragment “In 2013, The Martin-Springer Institute had a leading role in creating an exhibit on the Berlin Wall that contextualized the 1961 building and 1989 dismantling of the wall that separated the two Germanies. A big piece of the original Berlin Wall had been donated to Nothern Arizona University by […]

Albershausen, BW

Berlin Wall Albershausen, Germany

Location: private property, NEW Wets Berlin Depot 18 segments On Joe Schönmoser’s property in Albershausen, Baden-Württemberg (Goeppingen district), there are 19 wall segments, all colourfully painted by artists. Schönmoser is a collector with an affinity for art and acquired the segments in 2016 through a contact with Patrice Lux. Some of the segments were previously […]

Wischhafen, NI

Berlin Wall in Wischhafen, Germany

Location: company site1 segment The company premises of Karl Meyer Rohstoffverwertung were originally located in Köpeniker Straße in Berlin Kreuzberg, a stone’s throw from the Spree and the border to East Berlin. By now, however, the wholly owned subsidiary of Karl Meyer AG has moved. Immediately after the fall of the Wall, the then owner […]

Sopron, H

Berlin Wall in Sopron, Hungary

Location: Pan-European Picnic Memorial Park1 segment Near the Hungarian town of Sopron, located on the Austrian-Hungarian border, history was made on 19 August 1989: Under the agreement of both countries, a border crossing on the old Pressburger Landstrasse between St. Margarethen in Burgenland and Sopronköhida (Steinambrückl) in Hungary was supposed to be symbolically opened for […]

Elsenfeld, BY

Berlin Wall in Elsenfeld, Germany

Location: Dammsfeldstraße between Untermainhalle and schools1 segment On October 3, 1991, the first anniversary of German reunification, a segment of the Berlin Wall was set up in Elsenfeld on the initiative of Ivo Trützler, then chairman of the district council. The inscription on an attached plaque reads: Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit – Landkreis Miltenberg […]