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Los Angeles, CA – Wilshire Blvd.

Berlin Wall in Los Angeles

Location: Los Angeles County Museum of Art 10 segments   On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall, ten segments of the Berlin Wall were shipped to Los Angeles on behalf of The Wende Museum. The Wall segments were set up at Wilshire Boulevard in front of the Los Angeles County […]

Chicago, IL – Lincoln Square

Berlin Wall in Chicago

Location: Western Avenue Station, Lincoln Square 1 segment   Decendents of German emigrants are dominating the cityscape at Lincoln Square, Chicago and its immediate vicinity since the mid-19th century. Consequently, there is a Wall segment in the metro station since the beginning of 2008. To get the Wall there was a joint initiative by the German General […]

Seattle, WA – Seattle Center

Berlin Wall in Seattle

Location: Seattle Center, Center House, 3305 Harrison Street 1 segment from Potsdamer Platz   Achim Becker, entrepreneur and owner of a Muenzhandlung, was very impressed by the reunification. Therefore he set up a Wall segment on the ANA, one of the leading World Money Fairs in Seattle in August 1990. Thousands of visitors saw the Wall segment, that […]

Dallas, TX

Berlin Wall in Dallas

Location: Hilton Anatole Hotel, 2201 North Stemmons Freeway 2 segments from Waldemarstraße, Kreuzberg   Since the early 1990s, two Wall segments are at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas – initially in the sculpture garden, now in the elevator lobby. Particularly striking is the graffito by Jürgen Große aka Indiano. It was made in Kreuzberg’s Waldemarstraße in November 1989 […]

New York City, NY – Madison Av.

Berlin Wall in NYC

Location: 523 Madison Avenue, Jerry Speyer Building 5 segments from Waldemarstraße, Kreuzberg   The Wall ensemble in the courtyard of the Jerry Speyer Buildings is a backdrop for the guests of a burger restaurant. The segments were purchased by Jerry I. Speyer in the early 1990s. Speyer is a New York based real estate entrepreneur and co-owner […]