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Fulton, MO

The Berlin Wall in Fulton, Missouri

Location: Winston Churchill Memorial Library, Westminster College 8 segments from Brandenburg Gate   Edwina Sandys is a New York based painter, sculptor, artist and granddaughter of Winston Churchill. The latter coined in his Fulton speech in March 1946, the concept of the Iron Curtain. In 1990, Edwina Sandys was allowed by order of the East German […]

Simi Valley, CA

The Berlin Wall in Simi Valley, California

Location: Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, 1 Presidential Drive 1 segment   1987, Ronald Reagan vs. Mikhail Gorbachev at the Brandenburg Gate: Reagan’s legendary words Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall! are another piece of the puzzle in the subsequent course of history. In 1990 the american president came in possession of a Wall […]

Orange, CA

The Berlin Wall in Orange, Florida

Location: Liberty Plaza, Chapman University 1 segment   James L. Doti, director and professor of economics at Chapman University,  initiated this memorial, after he had seen a Wall segment in the  Richard Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda. Since May 1999, the Berlin Wall is the highlight of the Freedom Park with several other installations on the […]

London, GB – Imperial War Museum

The Berlin Wall in London, GB

Location: Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road 1 segment   The Imperial War Museum in London Lambeth Road dedicates an exhibition area to postwar conflicts since 1945, in which the UK was involved – among others the Cold War. The Wall segment from the Brandenburg Gate, painted with a graffito by Jürgen Große aka Indiano is standing in a park outside […]

Kiev, UA

Berlin Wall in Kiev

Location: in front of the German Embassy 1 segment from Potsdamer Platz   As in many other countries, a Wall segment is standing in front of  the German Embassy in Kievalso in the Ukraine. It was inaugurated on November 9, 2009 on occasion of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall. The original graffito Can I […]