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Marwitz, BB

Location: private property, Historische Bauelemente 2 segments from Pankow   After the German Unification, a lot of demolition works, core removals and renovation was done in the new federal states. Scrapped stuff was dumped. Olaf Elias soon got specialized in saving historical components and antiques from the Renaissance to Bauhaus and GDR-Objectivity and has made […]

Seoul, ROK – Dobong-gu

Location: culture bunker 3 segments   During the Korean war, an anti-tank defense shelter was build in the Northwest of the South Korean capital Seoul in order to prevent the advance of the North Korean military. The apartments within the complex were basically for the soldiers but also a camouflage for the military facility underneath […]

San Bernardino, CA – NAFB Museum

Berlin Wall in San Bernardino, CA

Location: Norton Air Force Base Museum, Veterans Memorial Area 1 segment Norton Air Force Base began as Municipal Airport, San Bernardino under Army Air Corps jurisdiction. During the summer of 1941, it became a training base to meet the needs of the 30,000 Pilot Training Program. In December 1941, within days after the attack on […]

Schönefeld, BB – Airport

Berlin Wall in SXF

Location: Holiday Inn Airport Berlin 1 Segment   The history of flying in Schönefeld dates back to 1934, to the Henschel Flugzeug Werke, which were based here until the end of the Second World War. In 1946, the facilities were dismantled and/or destroyed. The Soviet air forces took over the Schönefeld airfields. In 1947, the […]

Dinslaken-Lohberg, NW

Berlin Wall in Dinslaken, D

Location: Platz der Vielfalt, Kreativ.Quartier 1 segment   A Berlin Wall segment was set up in April 2018 at the Platz der Vielfalt (square of diversity), which is on the grounds of a former coal mine. The segment reminds of the German history and is a symbol of tearing down walls between people, as well […]