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Strasburg, F – Palais de l’Europe (temp)

Berlin Wall in Strasburg, France

Location: in front of the Council of Europe (temp. in 1990) 3 segments Stopover in Strasbourg en route to Paris: Three distinctive Berlin Wall segments from Kreuzberg Waldemarstraße were set up in front of the Council of Europe already in spring 1990. Far away from Berlin, these segments should enable Strasburg citizens to have a […]

Hohen Neuendorf, BB – Florastraße

Berlin Wall in Hohen-Neuendorf, Germany

Location: Florastraße 1 segment   Hohen Neuendorf was bordering West-Berlin in the North. Four young people were killed in this community while trying to escape: Joachim Mehr on December 3rd, 1964 (at the age of 19), Willi Born on Juli 7th, 1970 (three weeks before his 20th birthday),  Rolf Kabelitz on Januar 7th, 1971 (also […]

Jakarta, RI – Kalijodo Skate Park

Berlin Wall in Jakarta, Indonesia

Location: Skate & BMX Park Kalijodo 4 segments   Teguh Ostenrik was a student in West Berlin when the wall fell. Twenty-seven years later, he looks around Indonesia and still sees a lot of walls separating people from each other. “There are ‘walls’ among our pluralistic society that divide us into groups like race, religion, […]

Potsdam, BB – Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße

Berlin Wall in Potsdam, Germany

Location: Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße 236, Potsdam-Babelsberg 1 segment   This segment was set up exactly on the former border strip between the GDR territory and West-Berlin.The border here seperated Berlin from Potsdam and the famous UFA film studios in Babelsberg. The photos on the plaque give an impression of the situation of that time. The border facilities […]


Berlin Wall in Großbeeren-Osdorf, Germany

Location: at the village green, Heinersdorfer Straße 2 segments   Two original segments of the Berlin Wall with several plaques were set up in Heinersdorf at the village green. They were set up on behalf of the former mayor to protect them from distruction. Before the Wall came down, Heinersdorf was located close to the […]