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Rodalben, RP

Location: Berufsbildende Schule 4 segments   The four segments were set up at the Berufsbildende Schule in Rodalben in the late 1990s to commemorate and to remind of the German division. The segments were painted by Thierry Noir. He remembers: “The segment on the far right and the second one on the left were originally […]

Yeoncheon, ROK

Location: Center for Unified Future of Korea 2 segments   The Korean Ministry of Unification opened the Center for the Unified Future of the Korean Peninsula on November 12, 2014 in Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do (Gyeonggi Province). It will allow people to imagine what a reunified Korean Peninsula will look like.The center will serve as a venue […]

Mexico-City, MEX – MuseoMyT

Location: Museo Memoria y Tolerancia 1 segment (previous: Museo de Historia Moderna)   The claim of the Museo Memoria y Tolerancia in the heart of Mexico-City is as simple as it is manifold and fundamental to the humankind: It contributes to vivid remembrance and triggers a discussion of culture of tolerance. Impressive exhibitions discuss crimes […]

Loveland, CO

Location: Hach Company, private property 1 segment   Hach Company is a global provider of water quality testing and analytical instruments. The company was founded by Clifford and Kitty Hach in 1947. In the course of globalisation they took over the Berlin based Dr. Lange GmbH, which had been working in the same business segment […]

Geneva, CH

Location: World Council of Churches, Route de Ferney 3 segments   Three Berlin Wall segments are in the garden of the World Council of Churches (WCC) in Geneva. In 2009, WCC general secretary Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia commented on the 20th anniversary of the event that brought to an end the cold war era: Twenty years […]