St. Christoph, A

Berlin Wall in St. Christoph

Location: Arlberg Hospiz Hotel

5 segmente (loan)

The Arlberg Hospiz Hotel with its tradition of more than 100 years is well known far beyond the surrounding summits. This also applies to the 1,400 squaremetes Hotel gallery, which was opened in 2008 by the hotelier and artist Florian Werner. An excellent envirenment to present the Berlin Wall stated Patrice Lux, LuxPopArtGroup, and gave five segments as a loan to the austrian hotel in 2012.

The segments were designed by Jakob Wagner (Berlin), Chor Boogie (Los Angeles) and Michael Wuerthle (Vienna). The transport from Berlin to St. Christoph and the erection was documented in a short video:

Photo above and background:
© juliaidamarie

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