Selb, BY

Berlin Wall in Selb, D

Location: Bürgerpark

1 segment

A Berlin Wall segment was set up in Selb on the ocassion of the screening of Up to the border” (by Gerald Grote and Claus Oppermann) at the Grenzland-Filmtage 2013. “Up to the border” is a documentary, which shows the building, the long presence and the downfall of the Wall told from the view of Berlin citizens.

The Wall segment shall interconnect the annual Grenzland-Filmtage with the Bürgerpark. The names of the annual audience award winners will be engraved on a plaque on the backside of the segment.

The motive of the jumping soldier is a tribute to the touching events in 1961 and symbolizes the border crossing, the urge and desire for freedom and overcoming of borders of all kind.

The Wall segment originated from the Freedom-Park at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin and was designed by Berlin based artist Jakob Wagner. (Quelle: Grenzland-Filmtage Selb/facebook)


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© Grenzland-Filmtage Selb/facebook

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