San Vito di Gaggiano, I

Berlin Wall in San Vito, I

Location: Via Marta Lodi, private museum

1 segment


Interested in history, Emilio Grassi is collecting artifacts from bygone eras, i.a. a complete segment of the Berlin Wall as a reminder that freedom is not self-evident and must be defended anew every day.

When the Wall came down, Grassi had been in Berlin, visiting friends, and was eye witness of the events on November 9th, 1989. Years later he bought a piece of the Berlin Wall and set it up in front of his private museum in the Lombardy. (Source: Il Giorno)


If the past can not teach anything to the present and the father not to the son, then history must be tired of going on and the world must be tired of wasting a great deal of time. (photo © Luca Zebri)






Photo above and background:
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