Saint Petersburg, FL

Location: on the estate of Outdoor Arts Foundation/Clay Companie

3 segments of the Hinterlandmauer


In February 2008, the in St. Petersburg based Outdoor Arts Foundation presented its modular system for Wall Memorials in North America.

The idea was as simple as it is surprising:  For a memorial, simply three segments of the Hinterland Wall should be placed in a metal frame. While other towns and cities generally display the colorfull painted front views of the Berlin Wall West side, this should bring the view from the East into the public’s mind.

Corresponding the intention, a large supply of concrete slabs was purchased – however, no one was interested in this modular monument system. In time with the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Wall, a new start-up was made in 2014.


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One thought on “Saint Petersburg, FL

  1. Hello!

    My name is Marlon and I am a big fan of this site. I would like to help out in keeping this site up-to-date and accurate when I can. Most recently, I was in Florida and wanted to go see the pieces in St. Petersburg. Unfortunately I was unable to visit and capture pictures to upload, but I did make a number of calls to hunt down the and contact the venue just to make sure the pieces were still there and on display.

    The Clay Company no longer exists. It has been renamed the Morean Center for Clay, part of the Morean Arts Center. I suggest this entry be revised/updated a little so people can more easily hunt down these pieces, enter pictures, or just go see.

    This is their website:

    Thank you

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