Nienburg/Weser, NI

Berlin Wall in Nienburg/Weser

Location: Berliner Ring

2 segments

In 1991, the then command of the Clausewitz Barracks has got four segments of the Berlin Wall. Two of them remained as a memorial at the barracks. The other were donated to the City of Nienburg.

In 2010, a Berlin Wall memorial was inaugurated in Nienburg/Weser. Representatives from the twin town Nienburg/Saale joined the inauguration. Nienburg in Lower Saxony and Nienburg Saxony-Anhalt are collaborating since the German reunification.
In a joint project on the occasion of the inauguration, pupils from both cities worked out the history. The graffito was refreshed by Wladimir Wolnow, an artist from Belarus.

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Photo above and background:
© Stadt- und Kreisarchiv Nienburg Photographer: Manfred Bögeholz

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