Neumarkt (Oberpfalz), BY

Berlin Wall in Neumarkt (Upper Palatinate)

Location: main entrance Berufsschule

1 segment

On occasion of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall a segment was set at the Berufsschule Neumarkt (Oberpfalz/Upper Palatinate).

The present generation of students, born after the fall of the Berlin Wall, knows the latest history from the stories of their parents, relatives and grandparents only.
The piece of the Wall is intended to remind the courage of the citizens of the GDR who remained loyal to their political attitudes in spite of great personal disadvantages, who were trying to leave this state under the threat of life and to take part in protests against the state power and thus risk their arrest.
To have the courage to represent one’s own political opinion in everyday life, to become a responsible citizen, is still as topical as ever. At the same time, the monument is a remembrance of all victims of the Wall and division. (Source: Berufsschule Neumarkt)

The segment was acquired for the Berufsschulzentrum Neumarkt with support of Förderverein Berusschulzentrum Neumarkt, Kreishandwerkerschaft Neumarkt and Max Bögl corporations.

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