Canberra, AUS

Berlin Wall in Canberra

Location: at the entrance to the Harmony German Club

1 segment from Potsdamer Platz


Two restaurants, bistro, catering, choir and dance parties – the Harmony German Club on the Southern outskirts of Canberra is dedicated since 1963 to protect and care German culture Down Under. Since October 1992, the driveway is adorned by a segment of the Berlin Wall.

How the segment came  there, is unknown to today’s club president Hans Stoehr. The original protagonists are deceased. It is simply narrated, that the segment was on a Russian cargo ship to Australia, stood for a while in the docks of Botany Bay, to be finally placed on the club grounds.

Photo above and background:
© by ArchivesACT. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

2 thoughts on “Canberra, AUS

  1. There is another segment in Australia. It was imported by a German born business man and displayed at a packaging exhibition (AusPlas??) in Sydney sometime in 1990-91. The company he and I both worked for was taken over and I lost contact with him. I believe he was to install it in his house in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. I do have photos of the uncrating of the segment at our workshop and have some smaller chips. Would be interested to see what happened to it

    • Hi Leann.

      Thank you very much. We are going to find out more. What we have up to now: The exhibition is called Auspack and is a biennial, so it must have been in 1991. We will try to get more information. In the meantime: We would be very grateful if you could upload your photos and give us the name of the German born business man. Please use ‘Upload’ in the navigation for photos and e-mail ( for other information.

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