Burghausen, BY

Location: Park of German Unity
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Burghausen’s Park of German Unity has been commemorating the division and reunification of Germany since 2009 – with two original parts of the Berlin Wall, an expressive black and white photograph and a short documentary.

Burghausen is located in the Bavarian district of Altötting on the Salzach river, on the border with Austria. “The photo motif and the spray-painted parts of the Wall evoke memories of the Cold War, the East-West conflict, of divided families, of people who risked their lives for freedom. The parts of the Wall bring to life the times under which generations in Germany grew up.

At the same time, however, the memorial also radiates optimism, strength and joie de vivre – after all, it not only evokes the cold images of the Berlin Wall with its watchtowers, barbed wire and soldiers with guns ready to fire. Rather, it also reminds people of the fall of the dividing structure, of overjoyed people to whom the West was finally open, of men and women, senior citizens and children who embraced each other radiantly and set off together into a new era of Germany.” (Source: City of Burghausen)

Photo above and background:
© courtesy by Stadt Burghausen

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