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Seoul, ROK – Cheonggyecheon

Berlin Wall in Seoul

Location: Berlin square (Cheonggyecheon-ro near Samilgyo bridge) 3 segments   The installation of Wall segments along with a Berlin bear and a gas lantern on the Berliner Platz in Seoul was erected in 2005. Seoul is twinned with Berlin, the installation was donated by the Berlin Senate under the Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit to a likewise divided country as […]

Gdansk, PL

Berlin Wall in Gdansk, Poland

Location: In front of Solidarnos Gdansk offices 1 segment The Polish labour movement Solidarnos was model for numerous civil and human rights movements in the former Eastern Bloc. In 1980 with the Gdansk Convention, the movement became an official labour union and paved the way for the end of the communism in Poland. In August […]