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Guatemala-City, GCA

Berlin Wall in Guatemala

Location: Plaza de Berlín 3 segments   It was an idea of Manfred Kratz, the then chairman of the German-Guatemalan Chamber of Commerce, to erect a Wall monument on the Plaza de Berlín. In 1991, the Berlin Senate therefore provided three Wall segments which should be integrated into a total work of art. Unfortunately, planning, financing and the work […]

San José, CR

Berlin Wall in San Jose, Costa Rica

Location: garden of Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1 segment   This Berlin Wall segment was set up in 1994 in the garden of the Palacio San Martin at the Freedom Square. It was a gift by Hans-Dietrich Genscher, former German Foreign Minister and honorary citizen of Costa Rica. Bernd Niehaus Quesada was the recipient, Genscher’s Costa Rican […]

Santiago de Chile, RCH – German Embassy

Berlin Wall in Santiago de Chile

Location: in front of the German Embassy 1 segment from Waldemarstraße/ Leuschnerdamm, Kreuzberg   Inspired by the events in 1990, Chilean students wanted to bring a piece of the Berlin Wall to Chile. Since they lacked the financial means for transportation, the German Embassy subsidized. In 1992, both involved parties arranged an exhibition at the Museo Nacional de Bellas […]

Nassau, BS

Location: gated community in Lyford Clay 1 segment from Potsdamer Platz   1990 auctioned in Monte Carlo, a segment found its new location on the Bahamas in a gated community in Nassau. Further details unknown.   Photo: No picture available. If you want to upload a photo, please follow this link.

Buenos Aires, RA – Foreign Ministry

Berlin Wall in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Location: Garden of the Foreign Ministry, Palacio San Martin 1 segment   Donated by Berlin Senate on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the fall of the Wall, expressing the German-Argentine frienship. Click to enlarge: Photo above and background: © Andres Snitcofsky‏/Twitter