Ahrweiler, RP

Berlin Wall in Ahrweiler

Location: in front of the railway station

1 segment from the Hinterlandmauer

On September 30, 1989 about 4.000 GDR refugees hold out in Federal Republik’s Embassy in Prague.  Hans-Dietrich Genscher addresses to them a historic speech: “We have come to you, to inform you, that your exit…”

From the following day the GDR emigrants travelled by charter trains into the west. About 800 of them reached Ahrweiler via Hof on October 5, where they met great willingness to help.

To remember that event and to express their gratitude for housing and support, they donated a piece of the Berlin Wall to the city of Ahrweiler a few years later.

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Photo above and baclground:
By Anton Simons, CC BY 2.0, via wikimedia

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