Our thanks goes to the stranger, who wanted to give us a Wall segment in summer 1992 and with this, made us think of tracing the segment’s journey.

A special thank you to Berlin Senat Chancellery and Bundeswehr for their friendly support.

Thanks also has to go to Blake Fitzpatrick and Vid Ingelevics from – some of their videos are embedded here and to Thierry Noir for the allocation of his photo library.

Thanks to Google for supporting with Google for non-profits.

And last but not least, I want to thank all users, who directly or indirectly take part in this project.

This work has no strictly scientific approach, therefore not all references are given, except when it is necessary. It falls back to own archiv material, which was collected in the past two decades and is added with continously research. Most of the compiled information is freely available in the internet.

Official archives of the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States of America and its government institutions were helpful for further (coarse meshed) research as well as websites like WikipediaMilitary WikiFlickr and others. More specific keyword research was mostly done with Google-Search and other search engines.

The book Die Berliner Mauer in der Welt, edited by Bundesstiftung zur Aufarbeitung der SED Diktatur, was another  source.Thereto deviating information on this blog is a result of deviations in the internet sources.

Mostly, the site posts are linked with the websites of the location or the websites of the owners, respectively the persons responsible for the erecetion. Generally, more detailed information is available there.

background photo:
© Jack Zalium, CC BY ND 2.0