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Buenos Aires, RA – Editoria Perfil

Berlin Wall in Buenos Aires

Location: in the lobby of Editoria Perfil 8 segments   Editoria Perfil is the largest Hispanic publishing house with numerous newspapers and magazine. Immediately after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the publishing house wanted to get some parts of it as lasting witnesses of the historic event. Jorge Fontevecchia, CEO of the Perfil group, […]

Munich, BY – Allianz Headquarter

The Berlin Wall in Munich, Germany

Location: private garden of Allianz SE, Headquarters, Koeniginstraße at the English Garden 2 segments   During the years before the Second World War, the Munich-based Allianz insurance had a good thriving location in Berlin like many other companies too. Through the turmoil of war and the Soviet occupation this location was lost. Insurance activities in […]

Munich, BY – American Consulate

Berlin Wall in Munich

Location: in front of the American Consulate, Koeniginstraße 1 segment   “In memory of a memorable day” – In 1990, Johannes Singhammer, a then CSU (majority party in Bavaria) Member of Parliament, acquired a segment of the Berlin Wall and set it up in his garden. A few years later he gave it to the […]

New York City, NY – Ripley’s

The Berlin Wall in New York City, NY

Location: Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!, Times Square Several elements of the Hinterlandmauer Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! is a US based franchise company, including newspaper cartoons, comics, TV series and several museums, called oddities. In the latter, Ripley’s features in his own words game, fun, excitement, entertainment for the whole family. Berlin Wall included. […]

Spartanburg, SC

The Berlin Wall in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Location: Simuel Road at Interstate 85 2 segments   When the Berlin Wall was torn down, Josef Menzel, founder and owner of a homonymous engineering firm in Spartanburg, asked an East German friend to send him two Wall segments. They were erected on a parking lot in front of the firm building. On the occasion of 20th […]