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Emmen, CH

Berlin Wall in Emmen

Location: military airfield Emmen 1 segment   The military airfield Emmen is the homebase of Patrouille Suisse the jet aerobatic team of the Suisse Airforce. With its precision, it is a major attraction on aviation shows throughout Europe. In 2010, they impressed the visitors of the Internationale Luft- und Raumfahrtausstellung in Berlin (ILA). In thanks, […]

Potsdam, BB – Berliner Vorstadt

Berlin Wall in Potsdam

Location: private property 1 segment This piece of the Berlin Wall is on a private property near Glienicke Bridge in Potsdam. It originates from an auction. The segments were formerly used by a firm, which has bought shortly after the fall of the Wall several hundred meters of it to fence off a gravel pit. […]

Bischofsheim, HE

Berlin Wall in Bischofsheim

Location: Grünzug Bischofsheim/RhineMain RegionalPark 1 segment The RhineMain RegionalPark is a network of trails. Covering 550 km around Frankfurt, a number of attractive Regional-Park-routes provide insights into the interesting features and rich variety of the region. A special attraction is in the Grünzug Bischofsheim: A segment of the Berlin Wall shall remind of the recent […]


Berlin Wall Memorial or East Side Gallery – a lot of in situ remaining Berlin Wall segments and parts of the border fortification are listed sites. The Geoinformationssystem Denkmallandschaft Berliner Mauer der Stiftung Berliner Mauer gives their exact locations. All other traces of Berlin Wall segments will be tracked and recorded here. Wall segments that […]

Grou, NL

Berlin Wall in Grou, The Netherlands

Location: Museum Bescherming Bevolking, Commandopost Grou 1 segment   The Bescherming Bevolking is a post-war organization founded by the Dutch government in 1952. The organization was part of the civil defense and should protect the population against the immediate consequences of war violence during the Cold War. Later, the Bescherming Bevolking also was responsible for […]