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Selb, BY

Berlin Wall in Selb, D

Location: Bürgerpark 1 segment   A Berlin Wall segment was set up in Selb on the ocassion of the screening of “Up to the border” (by Gerald Grote and Claus Oppermann) at the Grenzland-Filmtage 2013. “Up to the border” is a documentary, which shows the building, the long presence and the downfall of the Wall […]

Mönchengladbach, NW

Berlin Wall in Mönchengladbach, D

Location: Nellen & Quack, premises 2 segments   Nellen & Quack, a freight and logistics company, originally moved these Berlin Wall segments to Mönchengladbach on behalf of an advertising agency. The logistic firm showed interest in conserving the segments as a memorial, as the Berlin Wall parts were of no further use to the ad […]

Fort Worth, TX

Berlin Wall in Fort Worth, TX

Location: Galderma Laboratories, office building 1 segment   Galderma Laboratories expanded their operations with 100,000 square feet office building in 2017. The North American headquarter in Fort Worth hosts R&D, training and offices. The exterior of the new HQ in Fort Worth matches the design of existing buildings with a bright, clean design for the […]

Hollywood, CA – Ripley’s

Berlin Wall in Hollywood, CA

Location: Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! several parts of the Hinterlandmauer   Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! is a US based franchise company, including newspaper cartoons, comics, TV series and several museums, called oddities. In the latter, Ripley’s features in his own words game, fun, excitement, entertainment for the whole family. Berlin Wall included. After the fall […]

San Vito di Gaggiano, I

Berlin Wall in San Vito, I

Location: Via Marta Lodi, private museum 1 segment   Interested in history, Emilio Grassi is collecting artifacts from bygone eras, i.a. a complete segment of the Berlin Wall as a reminder that freedom is not self-evident and must be defended anew every day. When the Wall came down, Grassi had been in Berlin, visiting friends, […]