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Lauterbach, HE

Lovation: At the Eichbergschule 1 segment During the Cold War, numerous West German cities and municipalities entered into partnerships with Berlin boroughs. Lauterbach‘s friendship and partnership with the Berlin district of Reinickendorf dates back to 1964 and also includes a school partnership. Due to a territorial reform, this partnership was continued from 1973 by the […]

Birmingham, AL

Location: Southern Museum of Flight 1 part of the Hinterlandmauer The Southern Museum of Flight (SMOF) in Birmingham, Alabama, claims to be one of the largest aviation museums in the southeast of the United States. The exhibitions include civil, military and experimental aircrafts, as well as memorabilia from the earliest history of powered flight. The […]

Prague, CZ

Location: in front of the A&O Hostel in Prague Rhea 1 segment The events in Prague’s Lobkovicz Palace in the summer of 1989 paved the way for the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the communist regime of the Eastern Bloc. Thousands of GDR refugees gained access to the grounds of the German […]

Potsdam, BB – Filmstadt Babelsberg

Location: On the grounds of Filmpark Babelsberg 1 segment   As part of a charity campaign, a segment of the Berlin Wall was set up in the Filmpark Babelsberg. Although there are other segments resp. an entire section of the Berlin Wall, they are replicas and serve as a film set. This original segment is […]

Camden, NJ

Location: Waterfront near Walt Whitman Bridge 1 segment No further information available. The inscription on the plaque reads Berlin Wall Born 1961, Died 1989 An abiding symbol of the triumph of demcracy over authoritarianism Photo above and background: © Steve Crow/Facebook