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Bucharest, RO

Location: Romanian Academy 1 segment In autumn 2019, a symposium on the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Romanian Revolution of 1989 took place in the Romanian Academy in the Romanian capital. As a sign of the struggle for freedom and democracy, a Berlin Wall segment was set up in the courtyard of the […]

Plovdiv, BG

Location: Exhibition Hall, Gladstone Street 1 segment In 2019, the Bulgarian Plovdiv had been European Capital of Culture. The extensive cultural program began with an exhibition of painted Berlin Wall fragments. When Sylvestre Verger and Thierry Noir set up the exhibition by Art Liberté, they came up with the idea, to let a monument for […]

London, GB – Migration Museum

Location: Migration Museum at Lewisham Shopping Center 2 segments On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Wall, the International War Museum in London set up two more Berlin Wall segments and had them designed by two renown artists: STIK from Great Britain and Thierry Noir from Germany. In February 2020, […]

Christchurch, NZ

Location: Cashel Street/Rauora Park 2 segments Two Berlin Wall segments were set up on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Fall of Wall. They were temporary set up at the end of Rauora Park in central Christchurch as a monument to the Wall coming down and are now symbolic of freedom and unity. […]

Sydney, AUS

Location: Goethe-Institut Australia, Woollahra (Sydney) 1 segment On ocassion of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall one segment was set up in the garden of the Australian Goethe-Institut. This segment was discovered by chance when a warehouse was vaceted only a few month before. Owner was the German-Australian businessman Peter Kubiak, […]